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Operation & Maintenance
  • SNT can provide regular cleaning, operation and maintenance of your solar plant.
  • We ensure superior energy due to:
    • Regular cleaning of panels to reduce soiling losses.
    • Preventative maintenance of the electric components (like lugs, cables etc.) to ensure downtime is reduced.
    • Constant monitoring of the plant generation and Performance Ration using our Data Portal.
    • Quick resolution in case of any issue or downtime utilising our remote support for immediate resolution or sending engineers and spares to rectify the problem at site.
Operation & Maintenance
  • We provide our clients detailed consulting for estimating and creating specs document for their solar requirements.
  • We have provided consulting services to many large Government and Private corporations.
  • Scope of our work involves following steps :
    • Understanding customer requirements.
    • Capturing the necessary information by conducting site visits such as Civil layouts, building Plan and elevation, Electricity demand and consumption pattern (specially during day) and understanding electricity demand and consumption during vacations and weekends.
    • Coupling the information obtained above with the regulatory framework of local area we propose the best solution to the client. From this information we conclude the capacity, Net-metering, open access and its structure etc.
Operation & Maintenance
  • SNT are one of the top 15 Rooftop solar EPC companies in the country (Ref: solar quarter) With us you can be sure that the quality of build and necessary safety parameters
  • We have worked on all kinds solar projects :
    • RCC.
    • Sloping Roof.
    • North Light Roof.
    • Non-penetrative installation (Clip-Lock and Standing Seam roofs).
    • Raised structure and Carport structures.
    • Ground mount (with and without tracking).