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Biogas Chennai, Waste Management Chennai
Waste Management Chennai, Waste Management Tamil Nadu

We are partners of MAILHEM ENGINEERS PVT. LTD.

We have gained expertise in treating all types of bio-degradable waste into biogas, which is used for various purposes like power generation and cooking.

We believe in "Disposal of waste at its source of generation".

Through continuous research, constant innovation and indigenous technology, we can now offer tailor-made solutions for treatment and disposal of solid and liquid biodegradable organic waste.

We use high rate Biomethanation techniques, resulting in the recovery of Biogas and organic manure. Hence we can easily match and outdo even internationally known systems.

We have a design office, fully equipped manufacturing set-up and an in-house pilot plant facility to successfully test and assess the treat ability of specific solid and liquid waste.

We can act during all stages of a project in the capacity of a project manager, consultant, designer, construction supervisor or as a turnkey contractor.

The buzzword, waste management, is gaining tremendous momentum, awareness and demand.

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